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Posture Theory 2- Objective View


Since we are designed to have a naturally balanced upright posture the most appropriate view for assessing posture is standing. Correct posture evaluation involves analyzing from the side, back or front in three zones:

  • Zone 1 – Head and neck
  • Zone 2 – Torso and Shoulders
  • Zone 3 – Hips, legs and feet

A person with good posture will have the following points aligned:

From The Side

A plumb line starting with the point just in front of the ankle and bisects:

  • mid knee
  • hip
  • point of shoulder
  • ear

From The Back Or Front

A plumb line going from a point equidistant between the feet and going straight up to the top of the head, should divide the body symmetrically producing:

  • equal distance between knee
  • level hips
  • shoulders even
  • level head

It is best to have an analysis completed by a posture expert. You can also do a do-it yourself version by following these steps.