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UpRight Review by a Posture Expert


CEO and founder Aded Cohen of Upright Technologies Ltd  delivers the UpRight Trainer. A wearable device that reports to train posture and strengthen core muscles. Attaching to a user’s back it vibrates every time they slouch. Connecting to an app, UpRight provides a personalized training program. It guides users through their training progress, providing real-time feedback, and serves as a personal posture trainer.

Clinical Summary

This device provides a tech solution to a growing tech problem in our culture. Why not use technology to help with poor posture due to overuse of technology such as prolonged sitting in front of a computer. It’s a great idea, but I question the application. The fundamental challenge with this device is whether the user is tech savvy enough to use correctly. One of my main criteria of any posture correcting device is its ease of use. If the user can’t figure how to use it or use it correctly you won’t see the desired results.

As seen in the analysis below posture of this participant did not improve. Forward head translation did not improve at all. The first picture to the left is the initial analysis. The second picture is at 30 days then a 60 day evaluation.  This was actually a second attempt to test UpRight. The first test case produced the same poor results which may have been due to the user not being able to work the device effectively and had challenges following the training program. I retested with a new participant who was tech savvy. Unfortunately results were the same. There was no change in his posture and the participant reported challenge with use.

According to UpRight customer service, “it is recommended that you follow your personal training program and reach your daily goals of upright time. When you sign-up, you will receive a custom training plan with weekly and daily goals for training with UPRIGHT. If you want to train more we recommend only training 50% more than your training goal. UPRIGHT can be worn for longer periods of time, but it is suggested that you train with UPRIGHT according to your personal plan.”

Pros of UpRight

  • Great customer service
  • Q & A on site with videos for assistance
  • Conceals well

Cons of UpRight

  • Questionable if device actually works to correct posture long term
  • Steep learning curve for those who are not tech savvy
  • Once complete with initial supply you will need to buy new stickies to adhere device
  • skin needs to cleaned to be free of oils for best adhesion
  • Questionable research-In case studies given to me by UpRight, participants report reduced pain but pictures show little to no improvement in posture

Overall Score: 1 Star 

User Review #1

I do a lot of computer use, emails, input, desk work so I was excited to try this out. Nicely discreet. Ball charger very awkward. Be aware that this device requires a smart phone. I’m not tech savvy so a bit challenging to understand how to get device to work. Ball stand is used to charge device. When text comes through the upright program disconnects when in use. I ran out of cleaner wipes which were essential since I wear body lotion and the device would not adhere to me unless I cleaned my back area.

User review #2

I was motivated to use the Upright Pro.  I used it at least 4 days a week.  During the day I would think about being more upright because of my time using the system. The manual that came with the unit was not clear for me.  I did not out-of-the-box understand the app/unit interaction.  Once I looked on line it all became clear.

Initially I wanted/needed another person to place the unit on the base of my spine.  Once that was done a few times I could place it on my own, but if I could ask my wife to place it on my back I used her. I only used it a few times on my upper back. Not sure if I ever got it calibrated correctly for using it there.

I only used it in a chair except for the two times I tried using it on my upper back. The software was easy to use, but I was not always confident that I correctly calibrated the unit. For the longer times (50 minutes) I would calibrate several times. I was concerned that the software was not correctly finding my slouched position.

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