Last updated on January 17th, 2019

How We Can Help With Your Posture

On this site you will find everything that relates to posture. If it’s not here I haven’t discovered it yet or it doesn’t relate at all. After 20+ years of posture correcting and thousands of hours of post-graduate work on the subject I have come up with three basic categories that encompass posture correction.

Within the categories there will be a range of personal involvement, from do-it-yourself to incorporating a practitioner to help. Articles on this site encourage you to consider incorporating each of the categories into your life. Just keep in mind, in order to have a more permanent long lasting change to your posture you need to integrate all three.

  1. Alignment

    You must have spinal alignment free of instability to have exceptional posture. Muscles and surrounding tissues need an anchor of healthy spinal alignment to ensure optimal biomechanics and maximum strength of muscles.

  2. Being Empowered

    You have the personal responsibility to do the things necessary to have exceptional posture. In this section discover tools and get ideas that you can implement on your own to improve posture.

  3. Correct Training

    Years of bad posture and injuries have caused your body to break down. The muscles and surrounding tissues may have shortened, weakened or in some cases both. Posture correction needs specifically designed training. Articles on this site will show you what to look for in re-educating your body.

What Is Posture Possible?

  • Our Vision – A web-based site that is a trusted resource to learn, understand and discover ways to improve and correct Posture. The premier site for all things related to Posture correction.
  • Our Purpose – We strive to empower people to address their posture because it directly relates to their health. To stop the de-evolution of posture and de-evolution of people’s state of being.
  • Our Mission – To be a resource that combines research and Dr. Paez’s clinical experience to practical, useful and relevant information on the ABC’S of Posture Correction: Alignment, Being Empowered, and Correct Training. To provide reviews on products, techniques, modalities and practices that address posture correction.

What’s With My Posture?

If you have been noticing that your posture has not been the best you’re not alone! Poor or bad posture has become an epidemic. The use of technology and subsequent poor positions are on the rise. Bad posture disorders have affected the lives of millions.

People are sitting more while using technologies. Sedentary (sitting) jobs have risen 83% since 1960 and today 80% of American workers experience back pain. Unfortunately, we are seeing the result of our youth developing back issues due to use of phones, laptops, or heavy back packs. 65% of school children present with back pain due to postural distortion patterns, and children as young as 10 years old demonstrate visible spinal degeneration on X-ray.

A study conducted by Kado et al in 2005 evaluated the connection between posture and early mortality. The study evaluated 1,353 elderly participants. By evaluating the participants’ kyphosis of the thoracic spine, the researchers were able to correlate an increase in early death among the elderly population. The researchers discovered that persons with a hyper-kyphotic posture have a 144% greater rate of mortality.

Do I Need To Be Concerned?

When clients see me in my clinic they ask me about their posture. Adequate posture education has been lacking. When was the last time you had your posture checked? Maybe if you were fortunate, it was during your early elementary school days when a nurse checked for scoliosis – one single exam.

The truth is, the medical establishment has never fully embraced the value of correcting and maintaining posture. There is a gap in services for posture. Posture related problems are a consequence of the current epidemic of poor posture. So what is there to be concerned about? On this site, you’ll learn why. You will also learn about posture correction including: reviews of devices, modalities, training and information on conditions associated with bad posture.  PosturePossible is here to empower you and therefore help you achieve what is possible with posture.

Dr. Paul Paez, DC, NRT, NET, CMT

National Board Certified Doctor of Chiropractic (DC), trained in clinical nutrition (NRT), neuro-emotional release (NET), and Massage Therapy (CMT). Dr. Paul holds the rare triple distinction of Certified Posture Expert, Certified Posture Neurologist and Certified Posture Ergonomist by the American Posture Institute. Posture Possible is the very best resource for posture information.