Lems Primal 2 – Review by a Posture Expert









Lems Primal 2

This review looks at Lems Primal 2 shoes (men & women) and their influence on posture. Lems Company boasts to increase the natural movement of your feet while in shoes. They also promote to correct posture with their use. While it is known that healthy posture is affected by the health of your feet, Posturepossible has put Lems shoes to the test to see if Lems Primal 2 actually corrects and improves posture.

Review Summary

  • Can Shoes Improve Posture?
  • Do Lems Primal 2 Improve Posture?
  • Review Results

Can Shoes Improve Posture?

Due to the narrowness of shoes in today’s market, most of us have experienced foot confinement whether we know it or not. The result of confined feet means a weakening of foot muscles and laxity of ligaments. This leads to feet that are more susceptible to not only foot problems like bunions but also postural issues.

Shoes that are designed to mirror the natural shape of the human foot will not squeeze the toes together, nor will they raise the heel but instead give you enough protection from the environment while mimicking a natural barefoot movement. The best shoes for healthier posture approximates our natural free moving, unrestricted stance and step. The best shoes to improve posture have the following:

  • Wide toe box
  • Zero-drop heel
  • Flexible material
  • Clinical Evidence

Do Lems Primal 2 Improve Posture?

Posturepossible decided to test Lems Primal 2 to see, if in fact allowing for greater space for toes, flexible material and flat heel conformation would over time correct or improve posture. Two tests were completed. One was to show the difference in someone wearing a classic shoe with small heel versus wearing Lems shoes. The second was a 30-day trial of wearing only Lems Primal 2 with someone who normally wears shoes with a moderate heel such as conventional walking shoes. Below are the results:





















In both cases, Lems Primal 2 actually improved posture immediately! In case 2 the third picture shows results after 30 days with only wearing Lems for footwear. There were also benefits reported such as improved foot strength and increase in balance.


Review Results

Lems Primal 2 gets 5 stars for their excellent product. They offer wide toe box with zero-drop heels. Their material is not only flexible but they are comprised of microfiber and breathable air mesh, with all materials being 100% vegan. Lems can now add Posturepossible’s 5 Star rating for posture correction as well!