Last updated on January 17th, 2019

ShouldersBack – Review by a Posture Expert

This device made by EquiFit, Inc is a single one piece design that comes in white or black. Their “summer” lighterweight version called Shouldersback Lite is available in three colors. Proper posture during horseback riding was the impetus for its’ creation. Shouldersback has a patent pending and relies on its customer feedback to support its effectiveness.

Clinical Summary

A simple design that is “low profile”and hardly noticeable under clothing. The straps are sturdy and are adjustable using velcro. To my surprise, considering its minimalism, ShouldersBack performed well during posture analysis. Case studies revealed shoulder positioning improved and their center of gravity shifted closer to neutral. Pictures below: The first picture on the left is the initial analysis without ShouldersBack. The second picture is model wearing the device for the first time. The third picture is 60 days after wearing Shouldersback regularly. The last picture is with her wearing it on the same visit.

According to ShouldersBack, “to be used for any amount of time preferred. It can be used on an occasional basis such as during work, or it can be worn throughout the day. The ShouldersBack is designed to encourage the wearer to hold themselves in an upright position while maintaining comfortable support in doing so- therefore, the more often it is worn the better the resulting muscle memory.  While wearing it more often causes better muscle memory, the ShouldersBack also works very well on an occasional basis. It was originally designed to be worn by equestrians while riding. The rider learned how to properly position themselves with the device’s aid. It is now used for a wide range of activities as well as for regular daytime use.”


  • Immediate change to posture and continued improvement
  • Slim design and conceals well
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Enough color options


  • Use of velcro. It has a tendency to lose its integrity over time although within this study it did not
  • Not billable through insurance
  • 10/2017 update – compared to other back supports of similar design such as Bax-U, ShouldersBack side panel rides higher into the armpit area. This maybe an issue for collecting perspiration or if this area is sensitive.

Overall Score: 4 Stars 

User Reviews

“I really loved using this! Once I got in the habit of wearing it, I found wearing it almost everyday was easy. I noticed some slight discomfort at first. I think that was because my body was adjusting to the new position. It made such a change my boss noticed and asked me what it was I was doing. I would recommend this device.”

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Dr. Paul Paez, DC, NRT, NET, CMT

National Board Certified Doctor of Chiropractic (DC), trained in clinical nutrition (NRT), neuro-emotional release (NET), and Massage Therapy (CMT). Dr. Paul holds the rare triple distinction of Certified Posture Expert, Certified Posture Neurologist and Certified Posture Ergonomist by the American Posture Institute. Posture Possible is the very best resource for posture information.