Last updated on January 17th, 2019

What Is Good Posture?

There are many ways to define posture. Posture Committee of the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons has a definition for good posture which you can see here.

Essentially, there are 3 theories that define good posture. All theories are correct in that it allows us to view our posture from different perspectives. Take all theories into consideration to create a well-rounded evaluation and description of good or poor posture.

Good Posture Theory 1 – Our Experience

  • How we look
  • How we feel
  • How we move

Theory 1 is from our own personal experience. It’s how we see ourselves; do we like the way we look, is our appearance evoking confidence. It’s also how we feel in our bodies, are we comfortable or is there pain. Feeling agile, flexible and strong as we move is important and an upshot of healthy static posture. Learn more here – Theory 1.

Good Posture Theory 2 – Objective View

  • Zone 1 – Head and neck
  • Zone 2 – Torso and Shoulders
  • Zone 3 – Hips, legs and feet

In a clinical setting, objectivity can be extremely helpful in quantifying and measuring posture. It allows evaluating for progress of good posture getting better or worse. There are three “zones” of compartmentalization to observe and record data. First is Zone 1 which is the head and neck. Zone 2 is the torso and the shoulders. Zone 3 includes hips, legs and feet. Learn more here – Theory 2.

Good Posture Theory 3 – Interaction

  • Standing
  • Siting
  • Sleeping
  • Driving
  • Workstation

This third theory of good posture is how we interact with the rest of the world. The greatest control we have in our lives is how we position ourselves. Ergonomics (the study of people’s efficiency at the workplace) is an example of a field of study that concerns itself on how we interact with our environment. Our posture matters when we are doing our everyday lives like standing, sitting, driving, working at our desks, sleeping or exercising. Learn more here – Theory 3.

Good Posture – You’re Worth It

Good posture starts with a flexible, strong and balanced body. A healthy posture helps you look confident and vibrant.

The most important piece of having good posture is being able to maintain it. Good Posture needs to exist sitting, standing, exercising or moving throughout your daily life and hopefully over your lifetime. Learn how to improve your posture here.

Dr. Paul Paez, DC, NRT, NET, CMT

National Board Certified Doctor of Chiropractic (DC), trained in clinical nutrition (NRT), neuro-emotional release (NET), and Massage Therapy (CMT). Dr. Paul holds the rare triple distinction of Certified Posture Expert, Certified Posture Neurologist and Certified Posture Ergonomist by the American Posture Institute. Posture Possible is the very best resource for posture information.