Best Back Sleeping Pillow – Review

Our Review Process

Material – Allergies are a big problem for many of people. Companies across many industries including the pillow industry are recognizing this and are upgrading their material to be hypo-allergenic.

Shape and Size – Back sleepers will be happy to hear that the best pillows out in the market are not much different than conventional pillows. Most designs fit regular pillow case sizes and replace regular pillows easily. Proper alignment is critical to reduce neck pain and stiffness in the morning which TriCore pillows do spectacularly.

Temperature – The cooler the material, the less the pillow retains heat the more comfortable your sleep will be. Researchers who tested pillows for their comfort and support found that pillows that held more heat resulted in greater complaints of unrestful sleep (1).

Pricing – The demand is high enough for effective, quality products so  pricing for pillows are very reasonable. Since there are cheaply priced pillows I recommend going with reputable companies with a track record of great pillow options at great prices.

Being Nationally Board Certified Doctor of Chiropractic with specialties in Posture Correction, Posture Neurology and Posture Ergonomics plus more than 20 years in healthcare has put me in a unique position to review products. I draw from my advanced knowledge on how the body works and my experience of working with clients to find real solutions that work.

Overview of TriCore Pillow

TriCore Pillows come from Core Products International and is widely recognized as “best in class” for cervical support and comfort. A neck pain sufferer and his doctor teamed up and designed the first TriCore pillows which are perfect for back sleepers. It meets all of the criteria for the ideal pillow receiving four thumbs up.


  • Non-allergenic 100% virgin polyester fiber fill. Cover 50/50 cotton/polyester blend.
  • The trapezoid-shaped center cradles the head and allows the built-in neck roll to firmly support the neck.
  • Tri-Core Standard Size, Firm Support 24 in x16 in (61cm x 41cm)
  • The Tri-Core standard size fits a standard pillowcase and the midsize and petite will leave some extra room.
  • Find it on Amazon for $30.42


  • If you are allergic to polyester, this may not work for you. Other than that Tri-core is a leader in the pillow industry since 1988. This is why it’s my #1 pick.

Feature Highlights

  • Made in the USA
  • Two different width neck rolls on top and bottom provide a custom fit for different sized sleepers. The generous side lobes are taller for side sleeping, and help support the neck.
  • Blended cotton cover is breathable and soft to the touch.
  • High resiliency fiber
  • Find on Amazon