Last updated on February 20th, 2019

AlignMed Shirt – Review by a Posture Expert

Zipper AlignSport

This device is made by AlignMed and offers several devices with differing styles for both men and women. AlignSport technology is based on studies completed on their “Posture Shirt”. AlignMed applies these technologies on their devices to stimulate major muscle groups in your body.

Clinical Summary

After reviewing the AlignMed shirt, we see the following as noteworthy:

  • A very sleek athletic looking shirt that fits snug and offers good support.
  • 83% polyester and 17% spandex.
  • Performed well during posture analysis but presented some concerns by the user.

I would have liked to see more posture changes especially after reading about the effort going into the fabric and design. During the case studies, shoulder positioning improved and their center of gravity shifted closer to neutral.

What The Pictures Show:

The first picture on the far left is the initial analysis without AlignMed. The second picture is with the model wearing the shirt for the first time. The third picture is 60 days after wearing AlignMed regularly and the last picture is with her wearing the shirt on the same visit.

According to AlignMed’s representative “there is no recommended time or minimum a patient should wear their posture shirt, it is all going to vary depending on the patient and how comfortable they are in the garment.”  [He] would suggest wearing at least 4 hours a day and at least 3-4 days a week.”


  • Improved posture immediately. Most noticeable change occurred in the neck position and shoulders. After 60 days posture improvement held even without the participant wearing it at the time of analysis.
  • The zipper made it easy to put on.
  • If you are accustomed to wearing undershirts and have clothing that fits over it then this shirt works great.
  • The version called SpinalQ is advertised as being covered by insurance


  • Sporty fashion, but not compatible with most bottoms. Zipper catches, it is not always smooth when zipping up .
  • It might be challenging to find the right “outfit” to conceal.
  • This version is not covered by insurance

Overall Score: 4 Stars 

User Reviews

“I definitely noticed some small shifts immediately, but nothing too significant – mostly micro adjustments and more awareness of my overall posture. Easy to adjust, but it doesn’t always stay on my upper body properly due to my body movement. Its not initially comfortable, but after a while I don’t notice it as much. I would not wear it if I am doing anything active or in higher temperatures because I don’t want to sweat in it and have it become dirty and smelly. I would wash it along with my cloths, but because of the white version it has some small marks that wouldn’t go away.” 

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Dr. Paul Paez, DC, NRT, NET, CMT

National Board Certified Doctor of Chiropractic (DC), trained in clinical nutrition (NRT), neuro-emotional release (NET), and Massage Therapy (CMT). Dr. Paul holds the rare triple distinction of Certified Posture Expert, Certified Posture Neurologist and Certified Posture Ergonomist by the American Posture Institute. Posture Possible is the very best resource for posture information.